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John's radio show on parenting, "Because I Said So!" aired on American Family Radio until July 2018. Archived episodes can be found here.

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John Rosemond is the nation’s leading parenting expert and provides common-sense advice for raising your children. John is a nationally syndicated columnist, author and public speaker, delivering over 200 presentations annually to parents, teachers and professional groups. His audiences are left feeling empowered, educated and entertained.

A family psychologist by license, John points out to all his audiences that “psychology has caused more problems than it has solved for American parents.” John’s mission is to be a counter-weight to the psychological parenting paradigm that was sold to America in the late 1960s/early 1970s, restore commonsense to the raising of children, and give parents the guidance needed to raise happy, well-mannered children who will, as adults, contribute value to culture and society.

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Because I Said So! 7.09.2016


[This episode originally aired 7.09.2016]

  • In this episode, John shares a letter he received from a teacher who recently returned to education after a 10-year hiatus.  In the letter, she describes her current class as one of the worst she's ever had and places the blame on current parenting methods, which are largely methods-based. John contends that proper discipline, whether you are a parent or a teacher, is not proper methods properly used. Rather, it is a proper attitude properly projected that reflects complete confidence in your adult authority.

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