Because I Said So! 4.30.2016


[This episode originally aired 4.30.2016]

  • In this episode, John answers two questions from listeners. The first question comes from the parents of a 7-year-old boy who has developed a bad habit of taking things that are not his and sneaking treats from the kitchen.  When the parents discover he has done this, they "go nuclear" and take away treats for a month. John describes what it really means to “go nuclear” in this sort of situation. He relays a similar situation in which the stealing stopped within a relatively short period of time after the parents of a child used one of John’s discipline techniques.
  • In the second segment, he answers a question from a mother who asks if it is okay to read her 17-year-old son's text messages without his knowledge. She also asks how she can stop suspected immoral behavior. First, John explains that if the mother owns the phone, she has every right to examine her property in this regard. He goes on to say that there is little, if nothing, she can do to stop his suspected immoral behavior.  Free will, he says, limits a parent's ability to sway the behavior of a 17-year-old child. Sin is a very powerful force. Sometimes your parenting can overcome it and sometimes it cannot.  

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